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for students to play the
CA$HFlow FOR KIDS™ game. Learn how money works and have fun! CAN YOU

Give your children the financial head start necessary to thrive in today's fast paced and changing world. Schools teach children how to work for money. CASHFLOW™ for Kids teaches children how to have money work for them.  Developed by Robert Kiyosaki.


We are inviting Junior High or High School Students in SE Florida, with parent observers, to play one of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad games:
CashFlow for Kids or:

CashFlow 101


Kids and Money Game Nights!

Family Tax is sponsoring money-game nights for kids in their Pompano Beach office.

The games give kids a fun, creative way to learn how money works while challenging them with the game's goal: to get out of the Rat Race.

Family Tax is committed to the community as a participant in the Deerfield Beach Neighborhood Initiative Summer Youth Employment Program.


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Coin Count-y

By Jim Talbot

Children save over $20.00 by filling the built-in coin slots on each page with pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters while building early math skills. This money book features a delightful rhyming verse, which takes young readers along the savings path through the Penny Candy Shop, the Five-and-Ten-Cents Store, and Quarter Quarry, until they complete the journey at Dollar Roundup, and discover the many ways coins add up to dollars. A fun and educational way for children to learn the value of coins as they watch their savings grow!  $9.99 Retail

We recomend these discounted, new or used books from

The Kidís Guide to Money

By Steve Otfinoski

This book has lots of tips for kids on ways they can earn money, save for a big purchase, get the most value for your money, and learn how the stock market works. Ages 9 and up. $5.95 Retail

Rich Kid Smart Kid

By Robert Kiyosaki
Warner Books ISBN: 0-446-67748-5

This book is written for parents who value education, want to give their child a financial and academic headstart in life, and are willing to take an active role to make it happen. Rich Kid Smart Kid is designed to help you give your child the same inspiring and practical financial knowledge that Robert's rich dad gave him.  Awaken your child's love of learning how to be financially free. 
$15.95 Retail

Ultimate Kidsí Money Book

By Neale S. Godfrey, Randy Verougstraete

Godfrey does a fine job of covering complicated concepts, successfully tying her explanations with kids` everyday experiences. For example, creating a business plan for a dog-walking service. Kids will enjoy learning about finances with this easy-to-digest format, and grown-ups may be surprised to learn a thing or two. This is about as far from dull gray, boring, banking as it gets (Ages 8 - 12). 
$19 Retail

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