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Voluntary Compliance: Income Tax Filing, Payment and Reporting

“Ensuring fairness by measuring taxpayer compliance”

NPR Compliance Measurement

Prepare for a Paperless Society

The Burden of Data Collection shifts from Taxpayers to the IRS.

Warehouses of paper have been exchanged with streamlined electronic data collection methods, dramatically improving error rates.  The IRS admits  a 12% error rate processing paper returns. Incredibly, 28-32 people touch a paper-filed return before processing is complete.

The electronic data is designed to lessen pesky IRS letters and intrusion into taxpayers’ lives.  The Internal Data Analysis means no IRS contact to the compliant taxpayer.

An NRP sample of 49,000 taxpayers (many of whom never knew that they were chosen) were examined to fine-tune these issues and to set guideline regulations.

Note that cross-data will analyze:

  • Assets
  • Average income of your neighborhood
  • Possession of required business’ licenses
  • Credit information

The IRS is applying the Sample Test Results to:

  1. Reduce non-compliance
  2. Fairness to all
  3. Taxpayer rights
  4. Reducing burden of compliant taxpayers
  5. More effectively manage its compliance programs
  6. Design pre-filing activities that help taxpayers comply with the tax law.

The IRS National Research Program

Sophisticated data compilation became a reality in 2003.  The program is designed to measure non-taxpayers.

The intricate web-based public data has been inter-linked to provide the IRS with all public records about each taxpayer. This information superhighway is to be used only on a “need-to-know” basis. Concerns have been voiced.

Referred to as the NRP, the National Research Program objectives are to:

  • Measure compliance.
  • Update workload selection formulas
  • Provide IRS Operating Divisions with results they will own and use to develop customer-focused programs.
  • Improve IRS’ ability to detect non-compliance and develop appropriate, cost-effective treatments for prevention and early intervention.

The good news is that this information will save an estimated 15,000 taxpayers the trauma of an audit. It is projected that the NRP Guiding Principles will:

  1. Minimize taxpayer burden as data is collected.
  2. Solicit external “stakeholder ideas and support” – ACTUAL TAXPAYERS – in the design of the program.  The purpose is to minimize tax burden.
  3. Involve the Business Operation Divisions as partners in the design and implementation of the program and as customers of the results.

IRS Compliance Issues

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