Revocable Living Trust


Planning and Direction for Life


From the Desk of Duane H. Siers, EA

     As my goal has always been to reduce or eliminate a client's taxes, it is a natural and vital service to help our clients soundly prepare for the future. To this means, the Revocable Living Trust is a wise program for all families, regardless of estate size. It is by far the best investment anyone can make.

     The advantages are substantial: confidentiality; elimination of probate fees; reducing or at least keeping estate taxes as low as possible; peace of mind for your loved ones; rapid settlement of your estate.

     I would be happy to meet with you for an hour to discuss this further and to answer your questions or direct you to a knowledgeable estate and financial planner. 

                                  Duane H. Siers
                                  Enrolled Agent


The Estate Plan

A Comprehensive Estate Preservation Program

  • Avoid Excessive Tax on Your Estate
  • Reduce or eliminate Taxes
  • Protect your Assets
  • Avoid Probate

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