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Business Clients Speak

Our business clients provide many products and services for local Florida communities as well as those in other states: consider the small corporation that produces summer award-winning Volleyball Camps for Jr.and Sr.High School girls in Minnesota and South Dakota or the small business that nationally distributes ATM machines.

No matter where you live or where your business is located, we can provide comprehensive accounting services. Never worry about deadlines again.

Auto Maintenance, Body and Repair

Deerfield Beach, FL

"I never realized the multitude of tax reports in running a business!  FAMILYTAX is known for a quick response in making us compliant along with their financial presentation and advice.  Duane actually calls me long before any deadlines."

Teak Masters, Inc.
Custom Millwork

Custom Designed Staircase
by Teak Masters, Inc.

Deerfield Beach, FL

"I can speak from past experience that it is great to have an accountant who responds quickly to my phone calls and other small businessman's needs... someone who is reliable, always there when needed, not just when there isn't someone bigger to take care of. Outstanding service!"

-Larry and Linda Anderson, Owners

Rex Noble, Rex-Precision, Inc.
Golf Clubs: Custom Made, Sales and Repair

"The detailed help as relates to acquisition, incorporating and financial presentation of our business by Duane Siers and FAMILYTAX has affected us in a most positive way with prior and current plans... FAMILYTAX also pays all my vendors from their office and keeps records current.  They prepare income confirmation letters when needed for investors and are always just a phone-call away."

Types of our Clients

  • Golf Sales & Custom-made Golf Clubs
  • Auto Maintenance, Body & Repair
  • Non-Profit Corporations
  • Handicapped Services
  • Fishing, Tackle & Marine Products
  • Career Placement
  • General Contractor:
    Luxury Homes & Commercial Property
  • Real Estate Brokers
  • Real Estate Appraiser
  • Dry Cleaner
  • Drug Testing
  • Electrical Sales
  • Fashion Designer
  • Travel Services
  • D.J. & Entertainer
  • Dry Wall Finishing
  • Addiction Counseling
  • Psychologist
  • Upholstery
  • Welding & Air
  • Conditioning Piping
  • Pool Maintenance
  • Lawns & Landscaping:
    Commercial & Residential
  • Graphic Design & Printing
  • Insurance, Investments & Financial Planning
  • Computer Networking, Service & Repair
  • Lock & Security Installations
  • Dental Laboratories
  • Collection Agency
  • Barber
  • Mary Kay Consultant
  • Office Cleaning

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