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Get Out of the Rat Race

Your financial goal and road to freedom:
Your monthly passive income must exceed monthly expenses. Passive income means you are no longer dependant on your salary income from your job to pay your expenses.

What can You do?

· Prepare for a future
· Read
· Understand business concepts
Do you grasp the relationship between your Income Statement and your Balance Sheet?  Do you realize that as you buy and sell assets, each transaction can impact your monthly cash flow?
· Apply the concepts to real life
When the
CA$HFlow 101 game was developed (see our special offer on this page), the initial test included a BANKER, BUSINESS OWNER and a COMPUTER PROGRAMMER. It was disturbing how little they knew about accounting or investing. None of them could “get out of the Rat Race,” the game’s objective. They were not happy.

Business Owner: “I don’t need to know this…I hire accountants, bankers and attorneys to tell me about this stuff.”

Computer Programmer: “I can buy software to teach me this.”
But the BANKER began to see the problem and the point.  He was moved. “I studied this in school – the accounting part – but I never knew how to apply it to real life. Now I know. I need to get myself out of the ‘Rat Race.’”*

* from “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki

Play a Real Game of Life

You can play CA$HFlow 101 in our SE Florida office! To have fun and learn while challenging your thinking, Sign-in here to play CA$HFlow 101.

CashFlow 101

CashFlow 101® 101 is an educational program that teaches accounting, finance, and investing at the same time and makes learning fun. Learn how to get out of the rat race and onto the fast track where your money works for you instead of you working hard for your money.

You must read ”Rich Dad, Poor Dad” See our book list. Order through

We recomend the following discounted, new or used books from

Rich Dad Poor Dad

By Robert T. Kiyosaki
ISBN: 0-446-67745-0
1998 Warner Books

What the rich teach their kids about money that the poor and middle class do not. Learn how to have your money work for you and why you don't need to earn a high income to be rich.  The Wall Street Journal "A starting point for anyone looking to gain control of their financial future."  $15.95 Retail

Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant

By Robert Kiyosaki
ISBN: 09643856-2-7

The sequel to Rich Dad Poor Dad, the guide to financial freedom. Learn about the Cashflow Quadrant:  the four types of people who make up the world of business and the core value differences between them. It discusses the tools an individual needs to become a successful business owner and investor.  $17.95 Retail

The Road to Wealth

By Suze Ormana

From the author of the #1 New York Times bestsellers that have changed the way we think about our money comes this dynamic, accessible, and authoritative resource, loaded with information critical to every state of your financial live. Whether you are a novice investor or a veteran of the market, seeking comfort in your retirement years, this book has the answers for you.   $29.95 Retail

The Wall Street Journal Guide to Understanding Personal Finance

By Kennith and Virginia Morris.

There have been significant changes in the world of personal finance, giving people more choices but requiring more decision making. This book provides clear, simple explanations of the complexities you face every day in your financial life. The information you`ll need to make smart decisions, and avoid the pitfalls of banking, credit, home finance, financial planning, investing and taxes.  $15.95 Retai

You’ve Earned It, Don’t Lose It

By Suze Ormana

Considering how hard people work for the majority of their lives with an eye toward retiring, it`s surprising to find that many give little thought to actually funding their retirement. Suze Orman, a Certified Financial Planner, provides an overview of investment advice and what to look for in an investment counselor. She offers advice on trusts vs. wills, long-term care insurance, early retirement, durable power of attorney, estate taxes and probate costs, minimizing your expenses/maximizing your income, joint and survivor benefits, and a successful retirement.  $15.00 Retail

Rich Dad’s Prophecy

By Robert Kiyosaki
ISBN: 0123456789

In the 6th book of the Rich Dad Series, Robert predicts the inevitable financial crisis that will hit the U.S. when 83 million baby boomers retire, taking with them such a vast amount of savings that the market is sure to crumble. And that doesn't even take into account the already wobbly state of the stock market, as blue chip companies go under, sending the Dow plummeting. But Rich Dad's Prophecy is not a "doom and gloom" book, it's a "doom and boom" book, with sure-fire strategies designed to avoid disaster in the coming crisis.  $21.95 Retail

Home Buying for Dummies

By Eric Tyson, Ray Brown

This may be the best comprehensive guide for home buyers. Like other books in the series, this one is an easy and even entertaining read. But it does not gloss over details in pursuit of simplicity. It covers all the bases, providing clear explanations and reasonable judgments on how to select a mortgage, hire a real estate agent, find the right house, and negotiate a good deal.  $19.99 Retail

The Millionaire Next Door

By Thomas J Stanley, Ph.D and William D. Dankos, Ph.D.

Stanley and Dankos have spent the last 20 years interviewing members of this elite club.  Can you follow seven simple rules? How about #1: Live well below your means. The last rule is, choose your occupation wisely. You`ll have to buy the book to find out the other five. It`s only fair.  $14.95 Retail

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