501 (c) (3) Non-profit Corporation

Preparing for a Federal Non-Profit Application

  • State Incorporation First●  Recruit Board Members
  • Mission Statement●  Budget & Fundraising Plans
  • Broad Description of Your Goals and How You Will Reach Them

Non-Profit Tax Return
May 15

Childrenís Music

With Family Tax help, the Keili Kids (pronounced KAYlee) received their official IRS designation in only three weeks! Ö attesting to the value of a thoroughly prepared application. These young violinists, with a decidedly Irish flavor, also play mandolin, banjo and recorder while singing and dancing. Summer, 2003, the Keili Kids will be in St. Louis for the Bicentennial of the Louisiana Purchase and official Louis & Clark reenactments, outfitted in period dress while performing authentic early-American music. Purchase their recent CD and view their concert schedule at www.fiddleworks.org.

Renaissance Fair, Deerfield Bch FL

Handicapped Services

Porch of Solomon Ministries, Inc.

"Our organization is appreciative to Duane and Linda Siers for helping us put together

Danny Raines
Board Member

the 501(c)3 NON-PROFIT corporation and IRS application. Since we provide services to the physically handicapped and their families, the business of our corporation must facilitate confidence from our constituents.  Our state

Harvey Gordon
Executive Dir.

and federal paperwork and subsequent filings are always accurate and on time.  In addition, FAMILYTAX has a heart for what we do.  They genuinely care about their clients."

My situation seems so overwhelming - Is there anyone who understands what Iím going through? Porch of Solomon Ministries have a genuine concern and understanding about situations that caregivers and persons with disabilities face on a daily basis. Dan Raines, leader of the group, is a paraplegic who has been in a wheelchair since the age of 12. He brings to the group over thirty-five years of personal experience.

All of our staff has a background of persevering with a disability or of care-giving. We think of our group members as our family.

The Non-Profit Application is a Family Tax Specialty. No matter where you live, we would be happy to consult with you on the above criteria. Two of our Non-Profit Corporations are featured here.

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