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IRS Modernization Effects You

National Focus is on the non- compliant taxpayer. Updating for America's future is the contemporary IRS theme with immediate ramifications for each taxpayer. A 15-year old database of individual information is being updated and networked to other government agencies such as Social Security - in fact, to all public and government agencies that compile individual data. For example, your home address will be compared to home values in your neighborhood. Your lifestyle could  attract attention. You may someday be asked how you can afford to live in your neighborhood on what you earn.

In addition to area analysis, K1 matching to personal income tax returns is a reality. A citizen panel has been delegated to help define the parameters in this "need to know" arm of the IRS. Read more...



Planning and Direction for Life

Did you know?

Estate planning through a will guarantees court-designated probate, costing 4%-10% of your gross estate.  90% of all estates of single widowed adults age 60 and over go through probate.  The national average length of probate itself is 13 months.

Upon death, a Revocable Living Trust assures quick distribution of assets to your family, preserves your estate from unnecessary federal estate taxes, and avoids probate.  A Revocable Living Trust can be changed by you at any time, allowing you to control your financial affairs.

You should regularly review your assets (annuities, life insurance, car, etc.). Is the asset legally put into your Trust?  Is the beneficiary of your asset titled exactly as the legal name of your Trust? Does the beneficiary still reflect your wishes?  Read more...


Enroll in Tax School Now

The demand for professional income tax preparers has increased dramatically due to tax reform. Meet this growing demand by attending a comprehensive tax course.

  • Gain a new professional,
       marketable skill
  • Work flexible hours: days,
        nights or weekends
  • Save on tax preparation fees
  • Enhance your tax knowledge
  • Cut your own tax bill
  • Receive a Certificate of
       Achievement upon completion
  • Email us or call 1-888-769-0655


    Tax Prep: Choosing the Best

    Family Tax services provides your family, you and your business    with the very best tax specialist available in the country whose license demands timely, ethical standards of honesty with more than 70 CPE credits per year.

    Your Tax Return includes:

  • An accurate Tax Return
  • Year-round availability to an EA as our client (if you receive an IRS letter).
  • Free E-Filing.  Refunds directly deposited into your checking or savings account within days. The IRS receives your tax return almost immediately, and we call each client personally to confirm your IRS E-file. No waiting or wondering where you stand with the IRS.

    Duane Siers, EA

    ALL TAXES, individual and business, are personally prepared or overseen by an Enrolled Agent, the only income tax professional  licensed though the United States Department of the Treasury to represent taxpayers in every state before all administrative levels of the IRS.

    An Enrolled Agent is a tax master. 

    * Masters in Accounting
    * CPA Certificate (Illinois)
    * Fellow:
       National Tax Practice Institute

    The EA designation dates from 1884 when Congress endowed advocacy relief for all its citizens in their own challenging times. Read more about the EA license...


    National-International Clients

    We prepare taxes for clients in numerous states and several foreign countries. Tax information is sent to us by mail, Fed-Ex, fax or e-mail. Read more...

    Our guarantee: Your tax return is added to our work schedule when received.  We E-file (electronically transmit) our clients' tax returns, assuring fast IRS acknowledgement and refunds.



    Today's Small Business Owner

    Business Expertise with Due Diligence

    Cursory examination days of the small corporation are over. A few years ago, new IRS offices were opening all over South Florida to expressly inspect small businesses, especially S-Corps. National budget cuts put the project on hold and offices closed.

    Be Advised: the IRS is focusing on officer salaries (or lack of one), travel and entertainment, and complete, proper documentation along with K1 matching - the ultimate web data-matching of all personal and business information. Read more...


    After receiving help with paperwork and IRS deadlines, our clients often say...


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